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Jarek Golawski

Over the past 20 years I have been constantly involved in 4 business areas. First of all, entrepreneurship is my passion. I have created and sold several companies. I’m still launching new startups or helping other entrepreneurs to do it. This is a strong addiction …
Professionally, I am a Business Strategist with a specialization in marketing, branding and customer experience management (CX).
As an IT Solution Architect and developer, I build a bridge between business and new technologies.
The fourth area is consulting, training and business coaching. I train companies in the field of marketing, strategy, creativity and innovation in business.

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& manager

I’ve built from scratch a few companies that have successfully sold. I ‘a former founder and a long-standing Strategic and Creative Director of the following agencies: Brand Support Sp. z o.o. (founded in 2004), Shake Hands Sp. z o.o. (founded in 2009), ‘Loco Studio’ (founded in 1997).  As a co-founder and head of business development and marketing, I’ve had created and sold Apple Paple alcohol beverage company. Currently, I’m involved in 2 main projects: Smarty T-commerce (new technology), (advertising) and a few other startups.

My main ventures:

Business Strategist

For over 20 years I have been professionally developing business strategies for my corporate clients as well as for smaller companies and startups. Under the brand of my Marketing and branding Agencies (formerly Brand Support, now

Business Strategy.

As a business strategist, I can do for you: able to understand and define the problems, set the goals, finding the best method to utilize a currently available of resources and market opportunities, develop a clear set of plans and actions to begin carrying out that opportunities. Clearly setup and measure KPI’s.

Brand Management

I help managers to gain holistic care of brand management in areas of developing a new brand, repositioning an existing brand,
ongoing control of an established brand. My competence includes personal branding and identity as well.

Marketing Strategy

I prepare analyzes and integrated marketing strategies (7P) as well as selected aspects (e.g. go-to-market, new media strategies, e-commerce implementation). I believe in the philosophy of effective marketing as consumer-oriented marketing. I worked for the largest international brands and local entrepreneurs.

Customer Experience

CX is the result of every interaction a customer has with your business, from navigating the website to talking to customer service and receiving the product/service they bought from you and beyond, to the spreading opinion about your business. I analysing, designing and implementing the integrated strategy on how to improve the CX of your customers.

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IT Solution Architect and Developer

Technology is a passion of mine. I learned programming in Assembler in elementary school when I hacked the Atari 8-bit game for the first time. Later, I focused more on the business aspects of the software. As an enterprise and solution and software architect, I have created many innovative technology projects, often a decade ahead of their market spread. Check the cases below.

Technology Consulting

If you want to create a new innovative software product or make your software product much better, then I’ve got the knowledge and experience you need. In a particular area as marketing, advertising, sales, customer service, automation processes, OTT hardware, IoT, industrial automation processes.

Enterprise Architecture

I provide software architecture consulting and implementing. I am a bridge between the world of business and new technologies. I speak both languages. I choose the tools and ways that are the most suitable for your purposes. As a result of the implementation, your revenue rises.

Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting:

From the vision to a concrete strategy, I help businesses hold holistic digital transformation. Also as an integrated project with the selection of subcontractors and project management. Especially in the health care industry, retail (B2B/B2C), intellectual services.

software developer

I can help to employ innovative technologies to build a customized software solution for your specific requirements. I have over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing, with my software team, solutions for marketing, advertising, sales and media industry: web and mobile apps, contest platforms, automation software, e-commerce and t-commerce platforms.

My latest IT project:

Trainer & Coach

As a business trainer and coach, I have the focus to prepare Polish entrepreneurs for the changes that the information age, decentralization, artificial intelligence, and shift in macroeconomic dogmas require of them. Organizing business processes on new principles, in conjunction with the release of creativity is the answer to the challenge of our time.

Strategy Workshop

Creative and strategic sessions for companies, moderated by an experienced strategist and creativity trainer. The workshop results are a ready solution to real strategic challenges.

Business Consulting

I provide business consulting in the areas of business strategies, brand and product portfolio management, go-to-market projects, exports, pivots and repositioning, marketing and advertising activities (including performance marketing), sales strategies, team management.

Creativity workshop

The creativity workshop in the model: 20% of current knowledge in the field of brain knowledge (neuro-creativity), 80% of practical creative exercises and tools enabling their use in everyday work.

Business Coaching 

I support entrepreneurs and managers in the development of their business ventures. I do it based on 20 years of experience in developing my own companies and working for the largest corporations, as well as trainer education acquired from international authorities in this field.

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Clients I’ve supported:

Case Study

Smarty T-commerce

“white label” t-commerce & programmatic TV advertising technology

Smarty is a technology that creates innovative T-commerce  & programmatic TV ads solutions for TV operators, OTT operators and  TV-shopping industry.

Smarty offers:
● T-commerce „one-click TV purchasing”
● personalization and geolocation of TV content
● automatic behavioural profiling
● loyalty and cash-back mechanisms
● electronic wallet and many more.


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